Exploring the Art of Sustainable Luxury: Garments Crafted from Natural, Chemical-Free Textiles.

Our fabrics like handwoven and hand dyed Silk Ikat are the gems in the textile world, boasting unique patterns and designs that cannot be replicated on factory machines.

Our attire will endure for numerous years and are crafted from rare, precious fabrics. They are esteemed as art pieces and textile treasures.

Our ikat fabrics are handmade from natural organic cotton and silk, the threads are hand dyed with natural dyes. This makes a unique material with natural imperfections, which are considered not flaws but the marks of human hands, master’s signature.

Here are some special features of fabrics woven and dyed by hand:

 • the shade may vary, this is due to the fact that natural dyes are used for coloring (such as flowers, turmeric, pomegranate, indigo, walnut shells, logwood, eucalyptus, cochineal etc.)

 • dense threads that can look like hooks

 • minor color differences or coal paint traces

Silk and cotton woven by hand have minor imperfections, with connections of longitudinal and transverse threads visible on the surface.

All our garments require careful treatment and care. We recommend DRY CLEAN ONLY for them to delight you for many years to come. We recommend to avoid using water, detergents containing chemicals and bleaches to preserve the shape, color and superior quality.

Do not wash or dry in the washing machine.




Hang-dry your silk SP garment to avoid creasing. Use a steamer instead of the iron to avoid any damage. Dry clean your silk SP garment.


Vibrant cotton ikat is a fragile and delicate fabric so we recommend avoiding direct moisture. We strongly recommend dry cleaning this garment. 


For our garments we use 100% pure silk Chantilly Lace. Its name originates from the city of Chantilly in France where such lace concept was firstly designed. Besides its elegance, the production process has always been complex too, that’s why this fabric is still widely perceived as a true luxury statement.

Do not wash or dry in the washing machine. Hand wash this lace only at 30°C. Handle very gently, do not squeeze or wring dry.  Hang or lay flat to dry. Use a steamer instead of the iron to avoid any damage.