Sabina Patel is a sustainable luxury fashion label focused on creating high-end garments with timeless approach. Our core principle: authentic luxury clothing isn't mass-produced; it's meticulously crafted as an art using premium fabrics and techniques. 

Sabina Patel merges history and traditions with fashion. She honors beauty of nature, value the craftsmanship of our artisans, and her customers' healthy lifestyle, utilizing solely natural textiles. Style of brand is a vibrant combination of freedom, uniqueness and everyday life celebration. 

Sabina Patel garments crafted from organic silk and cotton fabrics handwoven on an ancient loom and dyed with natural colors. The technology of creation has not changed in centuries and is being passed down from generation to generation by hereditary artisans. The intricate manual crafting of handwoven silk and cotton is a true art and a cultural legacy.